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Digital Marketing

In the days gone by you could put an ad in the local newspaper or the yellow pages and rest assured that you would get some new business. However, things have changed. Lower than ever costs and the ability for self-promotion through the Internet has multiplied your competition in the marketplace tenfold.

In order to be a successful business in today’s age, you need to evolve with the times. This involves being active on digital channels, being found on search engines and building trusted relationships with your potential customers like have never been required before.  Non-responsive websites are irrelevant, posting on social media once or twice a month is useless, and pushing corny sales techniques on these channels is a waste of your time.

To be successful in digital marketing you must take a customer first approach and build all of your content and platforms around that core principal.

In order to achieve this a small business must have the following:

A Strategy

If you are still doing ad hoc digital marketing – STOP RIGHT NOW & CONTACT US.

To be successful at the digital marketing game you need a strategic plan that looks at least 6 to 12 months into the future.

  • What will you be talking about?
  • Who will you be talking to?
  • What channels do you need to be on?

All of these questions can be answered with an effective strategy in place.

A Website

If you don’t have a responsive website, you shouldn’t have one at all…

A good website should look great on any device, but more importantly it needs to generate sales and bring new customers through the door. Given the choice between a pretty looking website and one that generates you revenue, you should always choose the later.

Social Media Channels

Stop selling and start engaging with your ideal clients.

Social media is now the number 1 way to engage and hear what your customers, and potential customers are saying about your business. Don’t like what they are saying? Then you either need to change your business or identify a different audience that appreciates what you do.

An Email Program

Email is a one to one medium, don’t disregard the importance of this.

The average business person spends between 2 & 3 hours on emails a day, can you cut through the crap and get them to read your email? Done correctly, email marketing can be one of your most lucrative activities to generate new revenue for your business.

A Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Business Profile

If you’re not on page one of Google, then you are invisible.

While a lot has changed, and there are now a lot more ways to get customers to visit your website, this adage is still true. Creating great quality content, that your customers want to read, and building relationships with other businesses is now a necessity for any small business owner – ignore it at your own peril…

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